0238 Transport drawer

More than 15,000 have been delivered Dalen - drawers in Norway. Transport drawer 0238 (170 cm) is a lightweight and affordable drawer with three-point mounting.

  • Lightweight and affordable transport drawer
  • Integrated three-point mount
  • Ideal for easier work, transport of soil, stone etc
  • Tower with tip pad solver for easy betting

The tractor drawer is the farmer's best friend – a tool that can be used for anything. Therefore, it is also usually mounted on the tractor, ready for the next transport assignment: soil, stone, fertilizer, power feed, wood, garbage – in short what goes up.

Dalen The 0238 Transport Drawer is ideal for lighter work, and the tower is equipped with tip pad solver for easy tipping. The front edge has a wear steel for a longer life and the flap can be mounted for easier transport of loose masses. The flap has a cord lift.

Optional extras

Flap with cord raising


0238-T / TRANSPORT DRAWER / 140 kg

Integrated 3-point coupling / 170 cm width / tower with tip pad solver

Optional extras

Flap with cord raising


Width 170 cm
Height 60 cm
Depth 78 cm
Volume (CECE) 500 litres
Volume (SAE) 750 litres
Weight,from 140 kg

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