• 1948sykkelkjetting288x165

    Product nr. 1:  The FRAM bicycle chain, later sold under the name GRABB, was the first product produced by Samson Lid.  Wondering about the name change?  Read about it in the section entittled "A Troubled Start".

  • samson288x165

    Our Founder:  In 1948 Samson Lid (pictured) and Leiv Skultaberg started S.G. Lid & Skultaberg Metallindustri.  In 1953 Mr. Skultaberg left the company and the name Lid Jarindustri was then adopted.

  • 1950lidjarn288x165 New premises: In 1959 the company moved down the Lidaflaten and began construction of what is today's manufacturing facilities.
  • barnevogn288x165

    Prototype:  After production of the bicycle chain had begun, the search for new markets and products was commenced.  In 1950 the protype of a baby carriage was created, however it never entered production.

  • 1954lufteventil288x165

    The first and so far only patent:  In 1954 Samson received a patent for an air ventilation valve mounted on a house wall.  The ventilation featured a flue duct with a drawstring adjustment.

  • 1954patentbevis288x165Proof of Patent:  Here we can see the patent certificate issued by the industrial bureau.
  • campingvognskisse288x165Sketch of Caravans:  Working with plastics, basically through trailer production, opened the possibilites for producing other products - to the keep the machines running and the people working.  Here we have a sketch of a caravan, that was never produced.
  • handvogn288x165

    Hand Carts:  After the 1950s a variety of handcarts and bicycle trailers were produced.  The carts and trailers were easy to produce, making them ideal products to keep the production machines and people busy.


  • trekkvogn288x165

    Hand Trailer:  The type T9 hand trailer featured a welded frame, and could be delivered with other options, according to the customer's requirements.

  • handvognsno288x165

    Hand Wagon: This hand wagon could be used for transporting milk cans and light boxes.

  • serieproduksjon_sekketraller288x165 Series Production:  Samson was a big fan of effective series production right from the start!
  • lagervogn288x165

    Hand Cart:  The Dalen H8 hand cart was used for wharf and warehouse work.

  • trillebarteppe288x165 Wheelbarrow T1:  The Model T1 wheelbarrow was designed for moving fruit crates on rugged and hilly terrain.
  • trillebaren288x165

    Wheelbarrow T7:  The T7 had a capacity of 150kg and was aimed at the residential market, it was ideal for horticulture.

  • trillebarto288x165 Multiple Choice:  From 1950 onwards, a variety of hand carts were produced.  Most models came with many different choices in specifications.
  • 1956vaskemaskin288x165 Washing Machine: In 1956 a washing machine was introduced. This was the first product to be sold under the name DALEN. Production was, however, very short-lived.  As the patent and copyright for a "washing machine" was held by the English company Hoover, they threatened a lawsuit against Samson. Hoover had indeed held a patent for a washing machine.
  • arbeidere288x165

    Staffing:  In recent decades the company has averaged around 60 employees.  Here is a photo of some of the first workers.

  • 1963stallager288x165 Steel Supply:  This photo from 1963 shows the supply of steel for production.

  • messe288x165

    Showtime:  Various hand carts, wagons, and trailers on display at the "Kvam går fram" exhibition in Norheimsund during the 1960s.

  • snofres_geir288x165 Snowblower:  Samson started production of snowblowers early on.  Here is a photo of an early two-wheeled model.
  • motostandard288x165

    Moto Standard:  In 1954 Samson was awarded the regional sales contract for "Moto Standard" walking tractors. The tractors were well liked, but there was a need for attachments.  So, this lead to a new series of products!

  • vogn288x165 Wagon:  During the 1950s and 1960s many different trailers and caravans were produced by Lid Jarindustri.  The model 56 was designed for most walking tractors, and featured an adjustable template.
  • 1955reklamebilde288x165

    Advertising Campaign:  Image from an early advertising campaign for Dalen products.  The advertisement had the text "It should have been a Dalen trailer here, with a Dalen this would have not happened!  Dalen - for everything that is wagons and wheels!"

  • hestevogn288x165

    Horse cart:  This horse cart, type H16K was manufactured from impregnated material and had a capacity of 1000kg

  • frontvognto288x165 Front wagon:  The front wagons came in many different models.
  • frontvogntre288x165

    Front Wagon:  After producing a series of front wagons designed by Haldor Ålvik, then came our own model.  In 1958 the Type 227 with mechanical side tipping appeared.

  • frontvognen288x165

    Front Wagon:  In 1960 the new Type 230 model was introduced, and could be fitted with either winch tipping or hydraulic tipping.  For hydraulic tipping an oil pump was fitted to the tractor.

  • plog288x165

    Front Wagon:  The front wagons became far more popular on the steep, hilly farms of Western Norway.  Far more popular than the rear trailers.  It could be fitted with equipment fo both summer and winter work.  This photo shows a front mounted trailer equipped with a snow plow.

  • frontvognjord288x165

    Front Wagon:  The front wagons were later offered with optional hydraulic equipment.  The photo shows a Type 232 equipped with a hydraulic loading fork.

  • frontvognjordtipp288x165

    Front Wagon:  The front wagon was capable of being fitted with accessories for winter and summer work.  Some were even fitted with front loading and side tipping.

  • frontvognsand288x165

    Front Wagon:  The front wagon was capable of being fitted with accessories for winter and summer work.  Here we a Type 232 fitted with a hydraulic loading shovel.

  • vogntipp288x165Trailer:  Dalen trailer model G52 for wlaking tractors. The trailer was delivered complete with a frame, tipping equipment, and a strong foot brake.
  • tilhenger288x165

    Trailer:  In 1961 a model equipped with a weight transfer system was developed. When driving with trailer, the weight was positioned over the axle wheels, and when tipping the weight was brought forward over the hitch.  It was recommended that the trailer only be tipped on level ground.

  • 4hjultraktorhenger288x165 Tractor Trailer:  The type 59 trailer was produced for small tractors.
  • spreder288x165

    Spreader:  The product range gradualy became adapted for more conventional 4-wheel tractors.  The Model 294 sand/fertilier spreader became available in the 1960s.

  • tohjulgras288x165

    4wd Wagon:  was introduced in 1964 and proved to be superb on hilly terrain!  The company produced a large number of   in both short and long versions.  They could be equipped with a number of frames, and were capable of operating reguar tractor implements.

  • grasbak288x165

    4wd Wagon:  The company produced many for walking tractors.  Here we see fitted to a LOG Moto-Standard.  They could also be supplied with a steering wheel.  They came in short and short and long frames, and could also handle regular tractor implements.

  • skuffebrattlende288x165

    Terrain Tractor:  These popular machines could be registered by customers for road use.  They required roll-over protection bars, and were very good for buisness.  Eventually windows and enclosed cabins were supplied for these machines.

  • skuffeto288x165

    Rear Shovel:  Rear tractor shovel model 236 was produced for walking tractors equipped with the 4wd wagon, terrain tractors, and standard four-wheel tractors.

  • 1988olavoggeir_eikebladet288x165Second Generation:  In the 1960s and 70s sons Geir and Olav came into the buisness, allowing Samson to take it  bit easier.
  • biltilhengerfem288x165 Trailer:  The very first model of Dalen car trailers.
  • vwbiltilhenger288x165 Trailers:  The 1960s, 70s, and 80s saw many models of trailers produced.  For cars, trucks, and tractors.
  • biltilhengercamping288x165

    Trailer:  The Dalen 907 was a 600-litre capacity car trailer made from moulded plastic and had a removeable lid.

  • campingtilhengeropen288x165

    Trailer:  The Dalen 908 was a 1650-litre capacity car trailer made from moulded plastic and had a removeable plastic lid.

  • campingtilhenger288x165

    Trailers:  The models 907 and 908 could be supplied with optional steps and chrome decorations featured on the pages of the product brochures.

  • biltilhengerti288x165

    Trailer:  The model 955 was produced from glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP).  This model was quite often used by emergency services, as a support vehicle.  It was also used by farmers, garderners, and trades people.

  • biltilhengeren288x165 Trailer:  Trailers could be supplied with a nose wheel, side jacks, and covering tarpaulin
  • tilhengerapen288x165 Trailer:  The model 912 was delivered starting from the early 1970s.  In additional to the lockable lid, sidejacks and a nose wheel could also be fitted.  A covering tarpaulin or rack for waste transport was also available.
  • tilhengerapento288x165Trailer:  The Dalen model 902 trailer was a basic model, essentially a box made from waterproof plywood. Simple and inexpensive.
  • biltilhengerfire288x165 Trailer:  The Dalen model 902 trailer was a basic model, essentially a box made from waterproof plywood. Simple and inexpensive.
  • biltilhengertre288x165 Trailer:  Dalen model 912 car trailer.
  • bat288x165 Self-Build Boat:  Available at the end of 1960, these boat hulls were produced for those who wanted to do the rest themselves.  The hull was designed by Lauritz Eide.
  • battilhenger288x165 Boat Trailers:  When you offer boats, you must also offer boat trailers!
  • biltilhengerni288x165 Funeral Carriage:  From 1964 the company also started to produce funeral carriages.  This model pictured was delivered to Lærdal.  Before commencing production the Preist outlinned his exact specifications.  Only one was manufactured.
  • likvogn288x165

    Funeral Carriage:  This model was produced in 1969 and featured a fibreglass body.  It also had a sliding tray for easy insertion of the casket.

  • gravvogn288x165 Funeral Carriage:  This model was produced in 1969 and featured a fibreglass body.  It also had a sliding tray for easy insertion of the casket.
  • baarevogn288x165 Burial Gurney:  Produced in 1965 for use in cemetaries to carry the casket on.  It featured curtains made of silk and rubber material.
  • lastebiltilhenger288x165 Truck Trailer:  At the end of the 1960s the buisness was expanded to produce trailers for heavy highway trucks.  Trailers were produced in one- and two-axle versions, or as semi-trailers.
  • lastebiltilhengerto288x165Truck Trailers:  The number of different models produced was expanded over time.
  • skuffelaster288x165 Tractor Bucket:  Tractor buckets have been produced in a wide range of versions by the company, since the 1960s.
  • skuffehist288x165 Rear Buckets:  Rear mounted buckets have a wide variety of functions, and have been used to transport almost everything!
  • skuffe288x165Tractor Bucket:  The Dalen model 0238-T tractor bucket has been produced since the 1970s, and still remains as part of our product range.
  • skuffefire288x165 Tractor Bucket:  A model 0238-T being used to clear snow.
  • 0277snofres288x165Snow Blowers:  Production of snow blowers started in the late 1960s.  The first models were sold directly, and in 1978 the model 277 (pictured) became available.  This model had no chute and could dischrage the snow from both sides.
  • eikmaskinlogoExclusive Sales of Snowblowers:  In 1969 an agreement for the exclusive sale of Dalen snowblowers was signed with Eikmaskin AS for all of Norway.
  • snofrestortut288x165

    Snow Blowers:  Eventually safety regulations were introduced regarding the auger and fan on snowblowers.  A kit was introduced for the model 0277 blowers that had not yet been sold, and starting the following year the model 0278 was equipped with this protection from the start.

  • 0278snofres288x165Legendary 0278:  The model 0278 was introduced with a spout and became one of the best selling snowblowers in Scandinavia!  The last of these hugely popular models left the factory in 2005!
  • 1979lastetut0278Loading Chute:  A model 0278 equipped with a loading chute.  This was the prototype.
  • potetlofter288x165

    Potato Plough:  Dalen 1273 potato plough for walking tractors.

  • potetopptaker288x165 Potato Lifter:  The Dalen 1275 potato lifter featured a solid flywheel lifter.  It was very popular on the market, and could be fitted on the front of tractors in the 1960s.
  • kamerunpotetopptak288x165

    Export:  Dalen products have been export to some of the most unlikely places.  From snow blowers to Lebanon, to potato ploughs for the Cameroun (pictured).

  • potetopptaklastebil288x165 Potato Lifters:  Potato lifters were packed in crates and shipped-out in large numbers.
  • shibauratraktorhytte288x165 Tractor Cabins:  In the 1970s Sogn-based firm Erling Nesse AS, commenced the import of Shibaura tractors from Japan.  Lid Jarindustri was contracted to manufacture roll-over protection (ROPS) and complete cabins for these tractors.
  • vedkloyver1252_288x165 Log Splitter:  The Dalen 1252 log splitter eventually came in many different models, and was a very popular product.  New regulations eventually forced the change-over to two-hand operated models.
  • 1251vedkappsag288x165 Radial Saw:  The Dalen 1251 was available with either electric or tractor drive.
  • 1978slyngrense Shot Blasting:  In 1978 Samson made a huge 600,000 NOK investement in shot-blasting, which not everyone believed.  Dalen was a pioneer in the shot-blasting before painting process.
  • 1982vaskemaskin In 1982 a washing machine for the cab cladding was purchased.  The machine was manufactured by Shibaura.
  • vedmaskin1254_288x165 Firewood Processors:  In the 1980s Dalen began  to develop firewood processors, with combined cutting and splitting functions.  The sale of firewood equipment grew rapidly, to become a an important product group of the company.  The photo shows a Dalen 1254 processor.
  • 1984vedmaskinmote1 All Firewood Processors:  Did you know that the Dalen 1254 was the first firewood processor to be mass produced?  The idea came from EIKmaskin salesman Mr. Vollberg (pictured on the right).
  • 1984vedmaskinmote2 Meeting:  How the meeting looked when Kjell Tolo, Olav and Samson Lid were in invited to discuss with Finnskogen Forest Management, Mr. Vollberg's product suggestions.  Starting from the left here are: Mr. Stordal, Olav Lid,Mr.  Berge, Samson Lid, Egil EIK, and Mr. Volberg.
  • 1984vedmaskinproto_medsag Chainsaw:  Mr. Volberg had mounted a chainsaw on a Dalen splitter.  The saw cut the log and the block fell onto the splitting chute.
  • 1984prototype1254_288x165 Ready for Sale:  The machine featured a cutting blade of 60cm and was a real revolution for concious Norwegian customers.  The concept was very quickly copied by the competition.
  • 1986silosvans_smatraktorer Hayfork:  Since 1986 Dalen offered a hayfork for small tractors.  The product ws given the number 1274 and had a working width of 140cm.
  • 1986sveiserobot First Welding Robots:  The first welding robots were introduced in 1986.  First robots were used in the production of 0278 snowblowers.  These robots were in service for moe than 20 years.
  • 80tallet_sveisebruer_indonesia Invitation to Work:  In the late 1980s Dalen produced two welded bridges for TTS of Bergen.  The bridges were for export to Indonesia, and provided welcome work in a year when there was no winter snow.
  • 80tallet_fronttilpass1278unimog

    The Snow Returned:  In 1986 production of big snowblowers returned.  Nearly 1000 units were produced, a big change from the previous year!  Here pictured we see a model 1278 mounted on the front of an MB Trac.

  • 80talletgammeltlagerbildeStorage:  Photo of warehouse storage in the 1980s.
  • 1987heder_samling Norway's Vels Medal:  In October 1987 and back to front:  Lars Arvid Steine, Asbjørn Neteland, Hans Neteland, Johannes Tufteland, Athur Vassdal, Ola Mo and Geir Lid.  Starting from the left: Sverre Steine, Samson Lid, and Brigt Bøhn.
  • 1987larsarvid

    Ancestral Record:  Among those who received this award was Lars Arvid Steine.  Lars Arvid had by that time been in the company for nearly 52 years, including his time as head of the development department.  Beside him stood Asbjørn Neteland, who had also been at the company for nearly 50 years.

  • 1988gjodseltank_proto Fertilizer Spreader:  In 1988 a prototype was manufactured for a fertilizer spreader.  It was determined that the spreader had insufficient capacity.  When the production manager heard of this, he was quoted as saying "...such equipment should never be manufactured by Lid!".
  • 1988snofres0978_288x165 The 0978 in 1988:  In the late 1980s the 0978 Snowblower was launched.  The blower had a 220cm working width, and a 80cm wide fan.  It was a huge success!
  • kjellkonkurranse288x165 Competition:  The 0978 was the first V-pattern blower on the market, with an  asymetric design.  In the 1989 catalogue a competition for customers was launched, a trip to Paris was the prize.  Customers were asked to guess which one of our competitors would be the first to copy the 0978!
  • 1988hengsledeskovler288x165 Hinged Blades:  The 0978 was also the first to be equipped with hinged cutting blades.  The bldes drew away any debris that came close to the fan.
  • 1989storsekkloft1298_288x165

    Bag Lift:  In the 1980s Dalen started to produce a big bag lifter.  The model was also produced in a larger version for rear-mounting.

  • aliminumsskrog288x165 Aluminium Structure:  This wheelhouse was deivered in partnership with Mjellem & Karlsen of Bergen.
  • ferjetopp288x165 Ferry:  Bridge structure for a ferry built in the 1970s.
  • 1990ca_baklaster1293 Rear Lift:  In the 1990s in combination with our own coupling frame, a rear-mounted forklift was produced.  Two meter sections were added later, but production was discontinued after 2 years.
  • 1990okonomimodell1259 Economy Model:  The 1552 wood splitter was marketed as an economical alternative to the high-end splitters.  In 1990 the model 1259 was launched, it featured a fixed knive and fewer parts.
  • 1991brennebord Combiflex:  This cutting table was newly installed in 1991 and was the first automatic table installed by Dalen.  The photo shows operator Agnar Skeie at work.
  • 1991griper1591_288x165Roundbale Clamp 1591:  In 1991 this round bale clamp was launched.  The clamp featured pendular mounted arms, and was mounted to the tractor loader using an integrated HMV/Trima or Dalen coupling frame.
  • 1991lofter1590_288x165Bale Handler 1590:  In the year as the 1591, the 1590 bale handler was also launched.  The handler featured an upper arm, and could be delivered with an extension arm kit.
  • 1991storsekkstativ1522_288x165Big Bag Storage:  One of our sales people had the idea of a stand for big-bag storage.  The stand was for use in agriculture and aquaculture operations.  We had faith in the sales person too, so we manufactured 100 units....that we had for many years!
  • 1991traktorskjar1536Tractor Scraper 1536:  In 1936 this tractor scraper was launched.  The model 1536 had a working width of 244cm, and was laterjoined by the model 1537 that featured a working width of 275cm.
  • 1997dagrune2010fres288x1651991:  The youngest of the fmaily returned to the village and was employed.  Dag Rune holds a BA in computer science and engineering. He was employed as marketing manager and IT manager.
  • graskorg288x165Grass Bag:  Chopping directly into the bag also had it's period.
  • foringskorg1595
    Feeding Box:  Later the feeding range was extended to offer this feeding box.  The box was transported using the Dalen coupling frame, and featured places for 10-12 animals.  There were also 8 locking headgates. 
  • 1992flakvogn0967_forsvaretFlak Wagon:  In 1992 a series of flak wagons were produced for the Forsvaret (Armed Forces).  The wagon was equipped with "sport" wheels and was ideal for transporting good in narrow tunnels.  They could be pulled in either direction and hooked together in long trains.
  • 1993ayrshow_skottlandExhibition 1993:  The Ayr show in Scotland
  • 1993pallegaffel_nymodell

    New Forks in 1993:  After a few years the square tube in the fork legs was replaced by plates.

  • 1993stroer1534 Sander 1534:  The first model came in 1993.  It had no trap system and featured a hydraulic tilt rod when filling from the ground.
  • 1994feiemaskin1535_eldst Sweepers:  In 1993 the 1535 Sweeper was launched.  It featured a 2ft diameter plastic brush as standard.  It was developed and placed in the product range, but was later removed in 2003.
  • 1994skjartruck Forklift Frame:  A frame for forklifts was developed, and made it possible to mount other tools. It also featured hydraulic tilt.
  • 1994skuffetruck

    Forklift frame:  When launched in 1994 it had a maximum price of 3,200 NOK.

  • 1995verneboyle1518 Driver Safety:  With new regulationsfor driver protection on older tractors we launched the 1518 ROPS.  The product ws a huge success, and we produced 1000s for many years.
  • 1995platehall New Platehall:  In the Spring of 1995 a new platehall was setup.  The  1200 m sq. hall features a new plate cutting table, turning equipment, and computer controls.
  • 1995snofres1279_288x165 1279:  In 1995 Dalen's first snowblower capable of front mounting, rear-mounting, or towing was introduced.  It was given the designation 1279, and had a working width 232cm.
  • 1996eikkurs_gjovikfjellhall288x165

    Sales Training with Eikmaskin:  In 1996 a sales training course for EIK sales staff was held at the Hamar Cavarn.  Interested sales staff are being briefed by Kjell Tolo (construction chief) on the new 1279 snowblower.

  • 1996vedmaskin1554_288x165 Second Generation Processor:  The second gneration firewood processors were launched in 1996, with the model 1554.  It still used a sawblade to cut logs, and was produced for 10 years.
  • 90tallet_dyskun_veddemo Dyrsku:  Discussion and presenttion of the 1554 with regular guests at the Dursku show in Seljord in the 1990s
  • 90tallet_anbud_dreggen Tender Work:  The photo shows tender work being conducted for Dreggen AS.  Tende work was graddually decreased as production in house increased.
  • 1996geirlid The Man at the Helm:  Geir Lid at his desk in 1996.  Geir began sales in 1968, and took over from CEO Samson when he started to take it easier in 1984.
  • 1996johantolo Extensive Experince Pt. 1:  Constructor Johan Tolo started work in 1978, and by 2011 at been involved in numerous projects.  He has also functioned as construction chief.
  • 1996kjelltolo Extensive Experience Pt. 2:  The photo shows Kjell Tolo.  During the 40 years that Kjell has worked for Dalen, 35 of them have been as construction chief.  From this position he led the department throughmany of of company's important eras.
  • 1996olavlid

    Production Chief:  Olav Lid was hired in in 1975 as an engineer.  He already worked part-time for 4 years before - during his study period.  He later became production manager at Dalen.

  • 1996innvielse_platehall

    Christmas Lunch:  Photo shows Christmas lunch served in the new hall in 1996.

  • 1997elmiawood288x165 Elmia Wood 1997:  Marketing manager Dag Rune Lid shows some Swedish clients how to use the the 1554 processor at the show in 1997.
  • 1997agroteknikk288x165
    Agroteknikk in 1997:  The company has always had a stand at the Agroteknikk exhibition, right from the very start.  In 1997 there was alot of news, including the new 2010 tractor-driven snowblower..
  • 1997snofres2010 New Principle for Tractor-Mounted Snowblower:  In 1997 the comoany launched a new concept for tractor-driven snowblowers.  A large-open design with a centrally located gearbox.  The 2010 became a very popular model.
  • 1997traktorskjar2020_288x165 Tractor Scraper 2020:  The 2020 scraper was first launched at the Agroteknikk exhibition in November of 1997.  It was directed to towards municipalities and contractors.
  • 1997vedkloyverproto288x165 Prototype:  A prototype log spiltter was also launched at the exhibition.  The splitting process started when the screen was closed.  After further study we decided that the functionallity was not good, and further development was discontinued.  It was, nevertheless, copied by our competitors.
  • 1998kloyver1550Log Splitter 1550:  The year after the Agroteknikk of 1997, a two-handed splitter was launched in accordance with the new regulations.  The spitter was one of the first to meet these requirements.
  • gmlpcThe Digital Age:  The company went into the computer age early.  The first PC was purchased in the 1980s, an Olivetti with an astronomical 10MB hard-drive.  No-one ever though there would be a need for this much storage space :)
  • 1998modellering3d
    3d-Modelling:  In the 1990s the 3D-modelling tool Solid Edge was adopted.  This was the first program available for medium-sized businesses.  
  • 1998opendag_besokjande Open Day:  In 1998 Dalen celebrated it's 50th Anniversary with an Open Day.  Local people came willing to the factory.  Here we see production chief Olav Lid showing how products are prepared before painting.
  • 1998opendag_2generasjonar Open Day:  The local press was also present and took some photos.  Here we see Samson with his three sons.
  • 1998samonsoner 50 years:  The jubilee was also celevbrated with the employees.  From left to right:  Dag Rune, Olav, Geir, and Samson Lid.
  • 1998maskineringssenter Machining Centres:  In 1995 the first CNC-type turning machines were installed in house.  Three years later came the Mazak AJV and cost 900,000 NOK - with equipment.
  • 1998bygg_nykonstravd New Construction Hall:  The year 1998 was a an eventful one.  A new construction hall was inaugurated, with designers re-locating to this building.
  • 2000snofres2012_288x165 Snowblower Model 2012:  In 2000 the 2012 snowblower was launched.  Based on the same principle as the earlier 2010, it was designed for larger capacity and greater load.
  • 2000_snofres2009_288x165

    Economical Alternative:  A more economical alternative snowblower was also launched in 2000, the model 2009.  A two stage blower, that was upgraded 10 years later to include towing wheels.

  • 2000traktorskjar2018_288x165Tractor Scraper 2018:  In 2000 a new benchmark, and for the first time it was painted in yellow.  The scraper had a working with of 244cm, but was later expanded to 275 and 300cm.
  • 2001deltvalse1534Shared Roller:  In 2001 a split-roller sand spreader was also introduced.  This allow municipalities and contactors to economise on sand/grit spreading.  As spreading could be done only on half of the walkways or roadways.
  • 2001elstyring1554Electric Controls: In same year the 1554 processcor was upgraded with power controls.  The joysticks were very easy to operate.  However, service issues were far more difficult to follow-up over the phone.
  • 2001hydrgaffel2095_288x165Hydraulic Pallet fork:  In 2001 a pallet fork was also launched.  It featured hydraulic sideshift, fork spacing, and was attached to the tractor with the Dalen connection frame.
  • 2001snofres2005_288x165Snowblower model 2005:  Launched in 2001, the model 2005 had very big shoes to fill!  It was designed to replace the very popular 0978.
  • 2001traktorskjar2016_288x165Tracto Scraper 2016:  The 2016 was designed as a basic scraper, with a working width of 244cm.  It was first only offered with standard 3pt linkage, it was later upgraded for HMV and triangle coupling.
  • 2002_prototype2054_288x165First Prototype 2054:  The first prototype of the 2054 processor was made in 2002.  When the machine was launched into production, it quickly became a good friend of quality concious firewood producers.
  • 2003prototype2052_288x165First Prototype 2052:  Here constructor Johan Tolo tests the first prototype 2052 processor.  The 2052 was designed as a less-expensive alterntive to it's big brother, the 2054 processor.
  • 2003trebrodre288x165Family Potrait:  The brothers Geir, Olav, and Dag Rune had worked together for a number years.  In 2003 the publication Eikebladet featured an article on them and the company.
  • 2003nrkreportasje288x165NRK:  In March 2003 the company was visited by Norwegian radio, NRK, and interviewed by journaist Egil Torheim.  Dag Rune Lid, Svein Moldsvor, and Kjell Tolo were discussing the company's history.
  • 2004hederljas288x165
    2004:  Receiving another Norges Vels medal.  In the back from left to right:  Arne Øvsthus, Ove Skutlaberg, Guttorm Lid, Patrik Åkvik, Terje Klyve, Johan Tolo and Geir Lid.  In front from left to right:  Lars Arvid Steine, Hans Neteland, Asbjørn Neteland, Kjell Too, Oddvar Steine, and Johannes Tufteland. 
  • 2004laserbrenner288x165Laser Cutter:  In 2004 the company purchased a laser cutting system.  This made unmanned shifts possible.
  • 2005universalklo2097_288x165 Multi Claw:  The claw was introduced in 2005, and did no shame to the Dalen name.  It was mounted easily on the Dalen pallet fork.
  • 2005snofres2006_288x165New Successor: After customer feedback, the model 2005 was replaced by the model 2006.  This took place during the year 2005!
  • 2006snofres2004to_288x165Following Year:  In 2006 the model 2004 was brought in to replace the legendary 0278.  After 25 years, more than 10,000 examples have been produced.
  • 2006tilhfeste2096_288x165Towing Ball:  The 2096 towing ball cost 805 NOK and was introduced for use with a tractor and Dalen connection frame.  The towing ball was not approved for public road use, and had a maximum capacity of 2000kg.
  • 2006loftekrok2098_288x165Lifting Hook:  At the same time a lifting hook was also introduced, model 2098, and again was designed for use with the Dalen connection frame.  It could be used for all kinds of towing and lifting.
  • 2006begge2099_288x165New Spear:  2006 was a very productive year.  The grassland equipment range was expanded with two new bale spears, the 2099 and 2099-S, one having two spears.  Both mounted securly on the Dalen connection frame.
  • 2007snofres2006s_288x1652006-S:  In 2007 a narrow version of the 2006 snoblower was introduced, the 2006-S.  This model was 230cm wide and had the same asymetrical design as it's big brother.
  • 2007norgesvel_medaljar_sandvenNorges Vels Medal:  In 2007 eight workers from Lid Jarindustri were awarded the AS Norges Vels medal.  From the back, left to right: Geir Lid, Hans Neteland, Arne Øvsthus, Asbjørn Neteland, Norvald Gamlem, Olav Lid.  From the front, left to right:  Guttorm Lid, Lars Arvid Steine, Herman Oppheim, and Olav Mo.
  • 2007nymonthall288x165New Assembly Hall:  In 2007 a new assembly hall was inaugurated.  The hall had 2300 sq m, and allowed for better production flow.
  • 2007nymonthall288x165_2New Assembly Hall:  The new hall featured 8 assembly points, a seperate station for hydraulic drive testing, and loading/unloading under cover.
  • 2007miniatyrtestjaug288x165Creative Product Development:  Engineers tested a miniture model of the 2022 scraper before launch.  These tests showed how the blade would throw snow, or flour in this case.
  • 2007traktorskjar2022_288x165Tractor Scraper 2022:  This tractor scraper replaced the earlier model 2020 and quickly became a favorite with contractors.  It had a 3m working width, and an integral wing for throwing snow over the banks.
  • 2009gaffelforleng2094_288x165Fork Extensions:  In 2008 fork extensions were launched.  The fork extensions were introduced for Dalen forks and made retrival of multiple pallets possible.
  • 2008opendag288x165Open Day:  In 2008 an Open Day was hosted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company.  Both small and large clients were impressed by what we could show.  The Laudamus choir was on hand for entertainment.
  • 2009_snofres2014_288x165The Great Mountian King:  How we described the new 2014 snowblower in our leaflets.  The snowblower employed Dalen's principle:  large open design and centrally located gearbox.
  • 2010_snofres2007_288x1652007:  When tractors became larger, so didn't the need for a larger V-snowblower.  The model 2007 was introduced with a 90cm diameter fan.
  • 2011sveinove288x165Third Generation Takes Over:  Svein Ove Lid comes aboard in 2011 with an MBA.  This is the third generation of the family in the buisness.
  • 1stelogo288x165First Logo:  This was the company's first logo.
  • logonrto288x165Another Logo:  This logo was used in the 1970s.
  • 80tallet_slutten_logoskygge288x165 Logo Number Three:  In the 1980s this logo with a background was added to modernize the image.  It was in use for 25 years.
  • logoplater288x165Logo 2011:  In 2011 the new Lid Jarindustri logo and profile was launched.  The launch was marked by several articles in trade magazines, and a gradual upgrade of the marketing material.
  • visjon288x165Enthusiasm in Every Detail!: At the same time as lauching the new logo, and new vision was also launched:  Enthusiasm in Every Detail!  The vision became a "hot topic" for internal discussion, and gave us a reminder of where we wanted to go in the future.
  • 2011_asbjorn50ar288x165 50 years of Service!:  On the 2nd of November 2011, a milestone was passed by Asbjørn Neteland (right).  He had been working at Dalen for 50 years!  The local newpaper took a photo with Lars Arvid Steine, who retired in 2005 after working for 52 years at Lid Jarindustri!
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