2011 Snow blower

This universal snowblower is suitable for most situations, and performs whatever the conditions. Large or small amounts of snow, wet or dry snow, narrow streets and open spaces, the 2011 gets the job done!

  • Oversized impeller provides excellent snow-throwing
  • Rear mounted, with the possibility of being trailed, front mounting is also possible.
  • Quick-change configuration, between towing, reversing or front mounting.
  • Central gearbox - less power loss and increased reliability
  • Generously dimensioned auger, ensures that the impeller is constantly full.
  • Hydraulic loading chute and hydr. right cutting edge as options
  • Cut-out clutches - no more changing shear bolts

Why choose a Dalen snowblower?

The Dalen snowblowers are well reputed for several reasons. They handle varying snow-conditions well, with snow melting and freezing again beeing a familiar challenge in Norway. Dalen-products are designed and manufactured in Norway, using top-modern production technologies, resulting in high quality products. Less down-time and high resale-value makes a Dalen snowblower a good investment!

Contact your nearest Eiksenter - the chances are high that they have a reference customer for the milling cutter you are interested in. The good user experiences are many and we are happy to share them with you!

A reliable work partner – no matter what

For this universal snowblower no job is too big or too small. The 2011 performs no matter what the conditions are, whether it's larger or small amounts of wet or dry snow. Big or small tractors, narrow streets, or open spaces. In short a reliable work partner, no matter what snow job you ask of it!

If you are a contractor, your workloads have considerable variations. From small maintenance clean-ups after a snow squall, to opening snow-clogged roads later on in the season. Some roads may have high elevations with large amounts of dry mountain snow, to low-lying regions with heavy slush-type snow. This a combination that many snowblowers have problems with, but the 2011 was built to handle these extremes!

The 2011 not only handles varying snow conditions well, it quickly changes to meet all tasks required of it. Wheter it is opening mountain roads or opening driveways. The optional integrated connection frame is quickly and easily moved, from towing, to reversing or front mounting. For reversing and front mounting, it is delivered with no side walls, and for use in the towing position - the sidewalls can be attached quickly with only a few bolts! Good throwing distance, and the ability to direct the discharge back into auger housing, makes it ideally suited for rural or urban areas. The 2011 handles whatever you ask of it!

Hydraulic wing cutting edge

An hydraulically adjustable wing cutting edge can be mounted on the right side plate. The cut is approx. 157 cm high, increasing the working width by about 3-37 cm in addition to the side plates, infinitely adjustable. Hydraulic shock valve and accumulator are standard.

Rounded chute

All Dalen snow blowers are supplied with a rounded chute, that compresses the stream of snow leaving the blower. This provides for increased throwing distance. Precise adjustments of the chute, give greater control of snow flow, and allow more precise placement of snow discharge. The form of the chute ensures that a smooth flow of snow passes through the chute, without slowing down on the way through.

The chute design makes it easy to throw the snow high and far distance. In urban areas you can precisely control the discharge to avoid houses, parked cars, and other obstacles.

The collapsable chute provides easy access for impeller maintenance, or in event the of a blockage, allows for acces to clean-out the imperller. This is a highly prized feature, as it enables maintenance to be done rapidly, allowing for a quick return to a warm tractor cab.

The chute swivel does not feature a chain drive. It is gear driven, and is extremely reliable under varying temperatures.

Hydraulic loading chute

The optional hydraulic loading chute comes into it's own on narrow city streets, roundabouts, intersections and alleys. It is ideal for loading trucks, and throwing snow over high snowbanks. Double hydraulic cylinders both for height adjustment and for the adjustable flaps ensures a solid and stable chute.

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Optional extras

Hydraulic adjustable flap, hydraulic adjustable loading chute, gauge wheels (6.00×9" truck tires), front mount gearbox (incl. PTO shaft), chute swivel stop, right and left side panels, wing cutting edges, top cutting edges, perforated scraping edge.


2011 All models

Two-step Snow blower / Working width: 230 cm / Weight 1270 kg / Without side panels / Hydr. swivel / Adjustable flap / Skid shoes / PTO-shaft / Cut out clutches








Type Two-stage
Working width, cm 2338
- w/two side panels, cm 252
- w/right cutting edge, cm 265
- w/two cuting edges,cm 277
Power requirement (kW/HP) 70/90
Impeller diameter, cm 75
Auger diameter,cm 83
Weight, approx from kg. 1340
Towing / Reversing / Front S/R/(F1)2
Transmission towing, rpm 5409
Replaceable scraping edge

(Hardox 500)

Perforated scraping edge 1
Hydraulic swivel chute Yes
Skids / wheels Yes/1
PTO stub 1 3/4"
PTO shaft Yes
Cut-out clutches Yes
Connection frame: TP/TR/HM

– TP = 3-point

– TR=Triangle


— Not available

1 Optional

2 Very fast restructuring between:

– Towing

– Reversing

– Front mounting

5 Reversible special quality wear steel as standard

8 Total width + approx. 20 cm

9 Mobilgear 632 gear oil

(Kontakt oljeleverandør for alternativ olje)

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