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product development; production and development of all tools takes place in Norheimsund, Hardanger
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Today's product range and expertise are a result of our diverse history, where proximity to the market and close contact with users has been the basis for further development. Lid Jarnindustri is a market-oriented company where the user's tasks are put into focus, and their feedback is essential for even better products with greater functionality and ease of use. The customer contact is the main source for both the development and further development of the products at DALEN. Feedback provides the basis for the idea, concept and detailing phase, before the final realization and implementation of the project.

Product development requires expertise, experience and a lot of testing.  The constructors draw, the machine department creates parts, and the protype is built on our experimental department. Then test and try our constructors product.  When the testing is done internally, it goes on to testing by skilled customers. The process takes time and several prototypes must be built before both the customers and the devotees are satisfied. If we are to get a product that excites customers in the market, it requires thoroughness in all phases.

Before the product is put into production, jigs must be built in the production. Once developed, a 0 series is set in time, which tests the production line and jigs before the products go out again to the first customers. If new challenges emerge and changes are required, it can involve many of the processes. At the same time, there will always be some overlap of the various phases to shorten the development time.


construction; development and production of all tools takes place in Norheimsund, Hardanger

After the initial phases, the constructor can sit down at the drawing board and unleash creativity. The construction department is equipped with modern 3D modeling tools that provide great flexibility in the design of the products. The models' moving parts can be simulated on the screen, among other things, giving engineers better conditions for constructing functional tools with good design. In addition to drawing the product itself, the constructors are responsible for preparing instructions for use, production and jigg drawings.

When the tool is fully constructed, one or more prototypes are produced for thorough testing. Desired changes are made before the final drawings are digitally transferred from the construction department to the production and can be collected on machining works and burning and welding robots.

Parts production

parts production; development and production of all tools takes place in Norheimsund, Hardanger

Only when the product has been through the initial phases from product idea, development, design, prototype and testing, until the finished drawings are ready, the physical production starts. An updated machine park is important to ensure efficient production, and this can be found in the record hall and the machine hall.

The record hall holds, among other things, a modern laser burner. The machine provides great accuracy on burnt parts, resulting in ripple effects later in production. A high storage warehouse with a total of five storage shelves allows the machine to run unmanned – if necessary 24 hours a day, interrupted only by the necessary maintenance. The laser burner allows you to construct the characteristic rounded shapes that Dalen the tools.

As one of the very few Norwegian manufacturers, Lid Jarnindustri has retained the machinery department of the company. Here we find several robot-controlled machining centres for turning, drilling and milling. The machines are highly accurate and provide high quality parts, and can also be run unmanned. Our own machine department ensures full control over delivery time and quality.


weld; development and production of all tools takes place in Norheimsund, Hardanger

Part of the welding work is still taking place in the "old way", but more and more robotic welding is facilitated.


surface treatment; development and production of all tools takes place in Norheimsund, Hardanger

The paint hall is Dalen product's last stop before installation and dispatch. In order to prevent the varnish from cracking in the event of punches and bends, all the tools are slinged before varniping. Sling branching is a thorough sandblasting method, in which small steel balls are thrown against the steel surface in a closed chamber. The sling branch forms a rough surface that provides extra firm attachment for the varnish.


assembly and dispatch; development and production of all tools takes place in Norheimsund, Hardanger

It is a short distance from the paint band to the mounting booths. Here the installers are ready to screw together self-produced parts and mount hoses, motors, valves and the like. When the tools are fully assembled, they end up in our warehouse, ready for dispatch to quality-conscious users across the country.