2399 Smart spear

Smart spear 2399 – A smarter bale skewer! Safe transport with and without round ball on the spear.

  • Can be tilted up for road transport
  • Solid skewer with three tines
  • Compact finish, close to center of gravity
  • Integrated SMS/TRIMA or Triangle coupling
  • or for Dalen coupling frame

DALEN Smartspyd is a further development of the traditional bale spear, taking into account safe transport both with and without a round bale on the spear.

If you are going to drive along the road with the bale spear, you can easily tilt up the tines so that they stand straight up and lock with bolt and safety pin. With the front loader low down, this is a much safer solution than has previously been possible with regular bale skewers.

The smart spear has a compact finish with a light weight and close center of gravity to the tractor. A long and two short tines provide a good attachment for the round ball.


2399-SMS / SMARTSPYD / 74 kg

3 tines / Integrated coupling for SMS/TRIMA

2399-TR / SMARTSPYD / 86 kg

3 tines / Integrated connector for Triangle

2399 / SMARTSPYD /

3 tines / For Dalen connection frame (not incl), which is available for eight different couplings, e.g. for 3-section, HMV, Euro, etc.

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