2097 Universal claw

It is said that the name spoils no one. Universalklo 2097 really lives up to its.

  • Steadier transport of all types of loads on pallet forks
  • Safer transport in rough terrain
  • Ideal for wood producers – steadier timber handling
  • In the raised position - plenty of space for the big bag

Universal claw is, as the name implies, a universal tool. Your imagination limits the applications, whether you're on the construction site, along the road, in the woods or at home in the courtyard. Kloa provides safer and steadier handling of all types of loads with Dalen Pallet fork, and we're so bold that we claim that "if you have a pallet fork – you need a universal claw". It makes the fork more flexible and increases its usefulness.

In many cases, the use of a claw is time-saving as you do not have to leave the tractor to secure the load in any other way. We know that the pallet fork is used for all types of missions, and a busy everyday life sometimes leads to quick solutions. Several pallets are transported on top of each other or too much scrub is placed on the fork – situations where you may lose your load and have to do the job again.

A universal claw is especially useful for wood-machine users who place logs on log racks and later transport the pre-filled bags away. In the raised position, the pallet fork can be used as usual, even for moving large bags.

Can be used on standard or brei pallet fork

Push the grip to the Dalen Coupling frame, in the same way as the forks it is used with. It can be mounted both on standard and brei frame, or lifting frame. Universal claw is not an alternative to a timber claw, but a useful tool for transporting cargo on pallet fork.

Optional extras

Pallet fork with standard or brei coupling frame, or lifting frame, see Pallet fork 1295


2097 / UNIVERSALKLO / 31 kg

For pallet forks / without pallet fork


Max. grip opening 135 cm
Double-acting outlets 1 pcs.
Weight, without fork 31 kg

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