Lid Jarnindustri

Enthusiasm in every detail

How we work

3D modeling

The constructors work with various PC-based tools, and the brain at all is the 3D modeling tool where all parts are drawn and assembled into finished product. (Watch the video on the left.)

CNC-controlled machines

The department consists of a number of CNC-controlled machines and machining centers, and in some of the machines there are also robotic arms that insert and remove the parts. These machines can usually also be run unmanned in the evening and night. This makes production efficient and flexible.

We have chosen to keep this machinery department in Norway, as it specifically provides opportunities for rapid restructuring and efficient production of smaller series. At the same time, it gives a unique control with the qualit.

Welding robots

The company has some welding robots that make welding of the parts very efficient.

Sling branching and varniping

When the products are thrown, they are peppered with small steel balls through several large cannons. This makes the surface rough, and it provides good attachment for 2-component varnish with hardener. The surface then becomes smooth and hard.

Mounting manipulator

Besides more ordinary mounting booths, we also use mounting manipulator that saves for heavy lifting and makes assembly more efficient.