2086/2083 Tractor drawer

More than 15,000 have been delivered Dalen - drawers in Norway. Model 2086 (230 cm) and 2083 (200 cm) are powerful drawers for larger tractors and build on the popular 1286 and 1283.

  • Powerful drawers for larger tractors
  • Straight edge - ideal for plowing and leveling
  • Powerful reinforcements, including hardox wear steel on vanger and Slitex 500 cutting edge steel
  • Underlying tippoint - possible with low tip height
  • Integrated three-point, Triangle or HMV coupling

The tractor drawer is the farmer's best friend – a tool that can be used for anything. Therefore, it is also usually mounted on the tractor, ready for the next transport assignment: soil, rock, fertilizer, power feed, snow, wood, garbage – in short, what goes up.

As the tractors get bigger, the equipment must also become rougher and better to cope with the challenges. We have therefore further developed tractor drawers that are extra reinforced and can withstand large tractors and hard use.

2086 and 2083 Tractor drawer has powerful reinforcements all around the drawer and handles the tough jobs. At the front, the drawers have cutting edge steel (Slitext 500) and under the harness steel (Hardox), for improved service life and durability.

You get the tray with integrated coupling for three-point, HMV or Triangle. The drawer with HMV or Triangle coupling can be mounted in the front loader, and the three-point coupling in the tractor's front three point. Front mounting provides better visibility and lifting height (in loads).

The right front edge of the drawer is ideal for leveling and splitting. With it, you scrape snow off the asphalt and get enough inclination for laying out mass. The fastening has underlying tippoints that make it easy to tip the drawer all the way around – even at a low lift height.


2086-TP / TRACTOR DRAWER / 265 kg
2086-TR / TRACTOR DRAWER / 270 kg
2086-HM / TRACTOR DRAWER / 275 kg

230 cm width / underlying tippoint


2083-TP / TRACTOR DRAWER / 250 kg
2083-TR / TRACTOR DRAWER / 250 kg
2083-HM / TRACTOR DRAWER / 255 kg

200 cm width / underlying tippoint

Integrated couplings:

TP= 3-point

TR= Triangle


Specs for all 2086 data

Width 230/225 cm*
Height 73 cm
Depth 86 cm
Volume (CECE) 1000 litres
Volume (SAE) 1250 litres
Weight,from 335 kg

Specs for all 2083 data

Width 200/195 cm*
Height 73 cm
Depth 86 cm
Volume (CECE) 850 litres
Volume (SAE) 1050 litres
Weight,from 315 kg


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