2299 Double bale skewer

Dalen Double Bale Spear 2299 is an affordable and effective solution for the movement of two round balls.

  • Affordable implement
  • Lifts two bales at the same time
  • Spears make it easy to retrieve the round balls
  • Six tines, three for each round bale
  • Integrated Triangle or HMV/TRIMA coupling
  • Integrated coupling - close to center of gravity

DALEN Double Bale Skewer 2299 is an affordable and effective tool for the movement of two bales. Ideal for shorter transport from storage to arking.

Spears make it easy to get the round balls even if they are difficult.

Bale skewer 2299 is supplied with integrated coupling; triangle or HMV/TRIMA. Integrated coupling provides a centre of gravity close to the tractor and thus improves stability in the tractor.

The spear is manufactured with the latest manufacturing technology, which helps to ensure top quality and competitive price.


2299-TR / DOUBLE BALE SPEAR / 116 kg

6 tines / Integrated Triangle coupling

2299-HM / DOUBLE BALE SPEAR / 112 kg

6 tines / Integrated HMV/TRIMA coupling


Number of tines 6 (2 + 4)
Length tines* 99 / 69 cm*
Distance skewer, upper 126 cm
Load ability 2000 kg
Width 204 cm
Weight 112-116 kg

* Protrusion from frame.

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