1591 Round ball gripper

The round ball gripper 1591 has curved and rounded gripping arms and gives you safe and gentle handling of plastic-wrapped round balls.

  • Safe and gentle handling of round balls
  • Curved gripping arms follow the round ball
  • Free-penduring arms – easier access and exit
  • Flexible connection with Dalen Coupling frame or ...
  • ... integrated HMV/TRIMA coupling

Every bale contractor strives to deliver top quality of the prepackaged round balls. Proper packing and the right amount of plastic are important, but do little to help if the round ball is not whole and nice when added to storage.

1591 Round ball gripper is a flexible assistor for transporting round balls, even at longer distances. The gripper has rounded arms that grip the ball in a gentle manner, without damaging it. This is important as it is the gripping surface of the round ball that is covered with the least plastic. Any air access will render the grass useless.

The round ball gripper has free-penducing arms that make stacking more efficient. You can place the round balls more tightly, an important advantage of intermediate storage and transport on a car trailer

The bale clip is supplied with an integrated HMV/TRIMA connector or Dalen Coupling frame 1294. The integrated coupling places the gripper slightly closer to the tractor, while the coupling frame solution provides greater flexibility as more people can use the same tool even if they do not have the same tractor coupling – an additional coupling frame is all it takes.

1591 Round ball gripper can be supplied with anti-sick valve that prevents any leakage in the tractor valves and ensures good grip – without re-adjusting the hydraulics.

Optional extras

Standard coupling frame, see [ Coupling frame 1294 ], extension hose kit for front loader mounting (6m), anti-seal valve with hoses


1591 / ROUND BALL GRIPPER / 150 kg

For standard coupling frame / without standard coupling frame

1591-HM / ROUND BALL GRIPPER / 140 kg

Integrated HMV/TRIMA coupling


Grip, outer 36-160 cm
Grip, mid arm 84-150 cm
Double-acting outlets 1 pcs
Weight, from 140 kg

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