2034 Sand spreader

Dalen Sand spreader 2034 is a simple and reliable tool for sprinklers of sand, salt and gravel. It comes in three models, 1500, 1300 or 750 liters.

  • Simple, reliable construction
  • Self-filling sprinkler with hydraulic operation
  • Can be fully filled up - even when self-filling
  • Can both front and back mount with Dalen frame
  • Precise adjustment of the sprinkler

2034 Sand spreader is hydraulically driven and comes in four models with different working width and volume; 2034-WU on (2.25m* / 1500l), 2034-U (2.0m* / 1300l), 2034-LU (2.0m* / 800l, low version adapted front loaders) and 2034-SU (1.5m* / 750l).


Functional design

The coat assembly design makes it easy to both fill and raise again. Our customers are particularly pleased that it can be fully refilled – even when you pick up the sand from storage space.


Precise regulation of the sprinkler

It is important that the sprinkler sprinkles evenly to achieve a good result. The rotating feeder creates movement in the mass and ensures that the output roller is always added to new mass. The output roller can be adjusted from 0-150 omdr./min and determines how much sand is laid out. The amount of water is also regulated with a rubber flap that presses against the output roller, and the speed of the tractor. See technical data for quantity table.

The sprinkler's bearings are located on the outside of the sprinkler box and have a seal between the crate and shaft.


Flexible connection with Dalen coupling frame

DALEN 2034 Sand spreader coupled to the tractor with Dalen coupling frame and can thus be used both front and rear. You can do this even if your tractor has different tractor couplings - all you need is an extra frame. Front mounting provides good maneuverability as you are constantly driving on newly paved roads, and if you have a large enough tractor, joists provide both front and rear increased length and capacity.

Dalen frames can also be moved between several Dalen - tools. Maybe you already have a frame on the Dalen - The fork, the spear or the wood machine?


  • The width depends on the speed of the tractor, speed of output roller, height from the substrate, opening on the rubber flap etc. A cover plate can be supplied to reduce the width of the sprinkler. The cover plate is placed in the sprinkler before filling and is 810 mm brei.


Optional extras

Control valve, coupling frame **, cover plate, top link extension, tarpaulin set (only for 2034-U and 2034-WU)


** 2034-WU must use 1294-001P power switch



2034-WU / Sand spreader / 500 kg

Hydraulic / 2.25 meters sprinkle width* / 1500 liters / without manual regulation

2034-U / Sand spreader / 460 kg

Hydraulic / 2.0 meter sprinkle width* / 1300 liters / without manual regulation

2034-S/ Sand spreader / 340 kg

Hydraulic / 1.5 meter sprinkler width* / 750 liters

Common to the models

Supplied without standard coupling frame ** and telescopic top link

** 2034-WU must use 1295-001P connector frame

Specs for all 2034-W

Volume 1500 l.
Scatter width

225 cm*

Transport width 250 cm
Length 120 cm
Height 120 cm
Weight, from 505 kg

Specs for all 2034 data

Volume 1300 l.
Scatter width

200 cm*

Transport width 225 cm
Length 120 cm
Height 115 cm
Weight, from 420 kg

Specs for all 2034-S data

Volume 750 l.
Scatter width

150 cm*

Transport width 170 cm
Length 105 cm
Height 100 cm
Weight, from 305 kg


Scatter lengths km




0.2 l. sand per m2




0.1 l. sand per m2




0.04 l. salt per m2




0.02 l. salt per m2




* The scatter width depends on the speed of the tractor, speed of output roller, height from the substrate, opening on the rubber flap, etc. Top struts not included



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