2041 Chip extraction

Dalen sawdust extractor helps you getting a neater and cleaner working enviroment. The extractor leads the sawdust away, reduces the amount of sawdust around the machine and in the air.

  • Electrical or hydraulic drive
  • Provides a cleaner working environment - reduces airborne sawdust
  • Reduces the risk of overheating from the firewood processor
  • Collected sawdust can be used in other applications(i.e bedding, mulch, etc.)

The 2041 can be fitted to the 2054 processor as an optional extra, at time of purchase or at a later date. It can also be fitted to other Dalen processors. It helps maintain a cleaner and safer working environment, by reducing the airborne dust and dust accumulation near the oil tank and around the tractor. The extractor creates a vacum, pulling the sawdust away from the work area, via it's 5m long hose.

Electrical or hydraulic drive

The 2041 Sawdust Extracotr can be delivered with either electric(*) or hydraulic drive. The electric version is connected via the start on a electric 2054 processor, or alternatively connected to a 3-phase contact on other machines. The 2041-E is delivered for 230V, but can also be delivered with a 400V connection.

The hydraulic model is powered by the tractor's hydraulics (minimum 15 litre/min.).

The 2041 is delivered with a one meter hose (Ø 130 mm) on the suction side. The pressure side is equipped with a Ø 100 mm muff for mounting a five meter hose, item no. 2041-072, or other solutions better suited the operator.

  Wood machine
Chip fan 2054-EHS(X)/-KHS(X) 2054-EHS(X)/-KHS(X) 2054-THS
 Series range up to 94810 Series no from 96315 
2041-E OK   -*   -*
  2041-EB  OK 
2041-H   OK
  * If desired, the 2041-E can be connected to a separate three-phase connector

Optional extras

Chips hose (5m)



Hydraulic drive / 1m suction hose / without chips hose


Electric drive / 1m suction hose / without chips hose / for Dalen 2054 with serial no from 96 315


Electric frive / 1m suction hose / without chips hose / see table for compatibility

Technical data electric 2041-E/EB

Drive Electric
Electric motor, 3-phase 1.1 kW
Hose, suction side Ø 130 mm
Hose, pressure side Ø 100 mm
Standard voltage 230 V
Alternate voltage 400 V*
Weight 24 kg/22 kg
Requires different motor connection

Technical data hydraulic 2041-H

Drive Hydraulic
Required oilrate 15 litres/min*
Hose, suction side Ø 130 mm
Hose, pressure side Ø 100 mm
Weight 20 kg
* Connected to the tractor's hydraulic

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