1299 Bale spear

Dalen Round ball spears are affordable solutions for moving round balls within a limited area. The spear is in use all year round and makes it easy to pick up the round ball even if it is difficult. Model 1299 has three tines, [ 2099 ] comes with one or two.

  • Affordable solution for transporting round balls
  • More spears can be mounted on brei frame
  • Can both front and back mount

1299 Bale spear is an affordable solution for moving round balls from storage to feeding space. When the lining is to be used, the plastic surface can be broken and with skewers even the hard-placed balls become easy to obtain.

With Dalen The coupling frame can be mounted both front and rear mount and when used on front loads, the round balls can be picked up at height. 1299 Bale skewers have three tines and are therefore suitable for transporting loose round balls.

The collection of round balls takes place over a long period of time where the spear is often switched on and off. The Model 1299 is easily hooked on to the frame and is thus an ideal solution when combining the frame with other equipment.

The coupling frames can be used on several Dalen - tools. It is not uncommon to use pallet forks, round bale spears, lifting hooks and towbar on the same frame – easy and affordable!

Several round balls can be transported by combining Dalen's breie frames with two spears.

Optional extras

Coupling frame, see [ Coupling frame 1294 ]


1299-A / ROUNDBALL SPEAR / 40 kg

3 tines / without coupling frame


Number of tines 3 pcs
Length, upper tind 1100 mm
Length, lower tines 810 mm
Weight, without frame 40 kg

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