Why Dalen ?

Enthusiasm in every detail

Total economy

Dalen  – Good total economy

total economy; think the whole math of investment – what does the product cost you over the total lifetime?

The overall economy of "operations" is very important today, when wage and machine costs per hour are so high in Norway. It is therefore costly with stoppages, and the reliability therefore means more and more for more and more.

Many have operating contracts that span 5 years. When new agreements are to be entered into, customers often buy new tools. Therefore, the second-hand price also means a lot when the products are to be sold. THE VALLEY products are known to be reliable and remain well price-wise.

Dalen – Easy to sold as used

The products not only stay well in price, they are also very popular as trade-in goods or online merchandise – they are really sold as used. A trip online shows that it is little used Dalen equipment for sale and when it is first posted it disappears quickly. In addition, you will find that agricultural dealers do not reluctantly take the equipment in exchange, as they know that it is rarely left for a long time in the warehouse.

Good functionality and fewer downtime

Why should your business choose Dalen ? Our equipment has good functionality and gives you fewer downtime the time you own it. In practice, we also supply spare parts much longer than the 10 years we are required to do so.

Good luck with the choice of your new tractor-mounted equipment!


service; you never know what happens during a working day but sooner or later you will need help.

Dalen its focus has always been to find good solutions!

A large part of our customers use our equipment in industry, and just as many people can tell about the importance of the equipment working when it should. In difficult conditions, the snow clearer is completely dependent on it. Not only because the last thing he wants is to leave the hot tractor cabin, but with waiting customers he simply has no time to lose. The wood manufacturer who experiences the hired labour unemployed can also tell you all about the importance of good follow-up. Or the farmer who is in the middle of the spring ... examples are many!

Fast and correct follow-up

Dalen is an available manufacturer that has a very good relationship with our dealers. This ensures you fast and proper follow-up!

Fast and correct parts delivery

When the accident is out, spare parts should be delivered quickly from our warehouse.

Part delivery for a long time

Dalen products have a good word on them in the Norwegian market for several reasons. One of the reasons is reliability. High reliability provides long service life and very often the need for parts beyond the ten years we as a manufacturer are required to deliver. The availability varies from product to product, but from the factory in Norheimsund we help weekly customers with parts to 20-30 year old equipment.

Good luck choosing your new tractor-mounted equipment!

Made in Norway


Norwegian-produced; despite many requests for flag-dropping, all Dalen product in Norheimsund, Hardanger.

Dalen "Local value creation is important to us!

For more than 70 years, the workers at Lid Jarnindustri AS developed and manufactured equipment for skilled Norwegian farmers and entrepreneurs – in Norheimsund in Hardanger. We are proud that the whole production is still taking place here and believe this is the right choice both for the local community and for you as a customer. This is where our expertise is, and this is where we want to improve and develop. We want value creation to remain in Norway to secure important jobs in the local community.

That's why we're going to dare to think creatively and further develop the unique expertise we've gained on Norwegian conditions and needs – so that you as a customer get excited in the face of us and our products. In times when more and more people are putting production to low-cost countries, we have deliberately chosen to remain at home, and with all production in our own premises and with both the construction, machinery, welding and assembly department at the house we have full control over the quality.

Choose Norwegian quality!

Customer stories

Dalen 1591 Round ball gripper in action

— Newly developed app for snow ploughing!
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— Easy maintenance can double the service life
(about vedmaskin 2054 from DALEN, published 26.04.2019)

— A superb system
(about vedmaskin 2054 from DALEN, published 26.04.2019)

— Incredibly little maintenance!
(about Vedmaskin 2054)

— Very easy to operate the machine!
(about Vedmaskin 2054)

" It goes easy and throws the snow far!
(about Snow blower 2007)

— Profitable with Dalen !
(about Dalen Snow blower )

" It is the DALEN snow throwers that work best!
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— A fantastic wood machine!
(about experiences with wood machine 2054 )

— Popular compact Snow blower
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— Effective snow clearing in Trondhjem
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— Over cane and stone
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— Great to buy Norwegian quality tools!
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Customer recommendations

No one over, no one on sia! Has driven Dalen milled sia æ reached down to the clutch of a tractor. Raw gear!

Hans-Arne Lydersen, Facebook

The automatic connection on the two-stage router is a superb system!

Ragnar Brunes from Hallingdal, Eikebladet

Have had mine for almost 15 years, gold still works!

Christian W. Egeberg, about vedmaskin 2054, Facebook

The mill runs incredibly easily in the snow and has very good throwing length!

Martin Måge Hamre from Røldal, about Snow blower 2118

Good brand and good quality produced in Norway. Heath Dalen !

Bjørnar Hallum, Facebook
Great products! We are considering buying the third wood machine 2054 now. It runs 5 days a week all year round.
Roger Guitar Skaget, Facebook

Good quality and good service, has been a good experience for 10 years with the valley milling and cutting, and not a second on it!

Tore-Kristian Indreeide, Facebook

If you have a livelihood, treat yourself to a Dalen !

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I'm very pleased with the 2014, it has an awesome capasity

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