2106 Snow blower

DALEN 2106 is a reinforced and improved version of DALEN 2006.

  • Robust v-type blower for professionals
  • Tried and tested principles
  • Identical impeller as the Dalen 2013 - large capacity and great throw
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Hinged feeding fan blades dodges foreign elements
  • Hinged, tiltable chute for easy maintenance

Why choose a Dalen snowblower?

The Dalen snowblowers are well reputed for several reasons. They handle varying snow-conditions well, with snow melting and freezing again beeing a familiar challenge in Norway. Dalen-products are designed and manufactured in Norway, using top-modern production technologies, resulting in high quality products. Less down-time and high resale-value makes a Dalen snowblower a good investment!

Contact your nearest Eiksenter - the chances are high that they have a reference customer for the milling cutter you are interested in. The good user experiences are many and we are happy to share them with you!

Reinforced and improved

Dalen 2106 Snow blower takes over the baton after the popular Dalen 2006. The working width (250 cm) and the power requirement (60 HP) is the same. The 2106 blower also inherits the reinforced blower housing and the multiple position top-link linkage from the "big brother", Dalen 2007. Support wheels and side cutting edges are available as an option.

The Dalen 2106 shares the impeller design and size with Dalen 2013, witch ensures great capasity and snow throw. 2106 Snow blower – an efficient and reliable v-type blower!

Asymmetrical design

As the blades rotate, some snow is thrown towards the left wall in the blower. To avoid snow from clogging up in this area, the left wall in the blower has a smaller angle relative to the driving direction compared to the right wall. This way the snow is guided into the impeller, giving better throughput. This is called the asymmetrical principle and was introduced by Dalen back in the 1980s.

Rounded chute

All Dalen snow blowers are supplied with a rounded chute, that compresses the stream of snow leaving the blower. This provides for increased throwing distance. Precise adjustments of the chute, give greater control of snow flow, and allow more precise placement of snow discharge. The form of the chute ensures that a smooth flow of snow passes through the chute, without slowing down on the way through.

The chute design makes it easy to throw the snow high and far distance. In urban areas you can precisely control the discharge to avoid houses, parked cars, and other obstacles.

The collapsable chute provides easy access for impeller maintenance, or in event the of a blockage, allows for acces to clean-out the imperller. This is a highly prized feature, as it enables maintenance to be done rapidly, allowing for a quick return to a warm tractor cab.

The Dalen 2106 Snow blower has a chute with sviwel motor and adjustable flap. The swivel is chainless and operates well in varying conditions. Hydraulic adjustable flap available as an option

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Optional extras

Top link bracket with float position, hydraulic adjustable flap, hmv or triangle linkage with floating position, support wheels (5.00×8"), rear support wheel (manual or hydraulic) swivel stopper, wing cutting edges (shear right and left), hydraulic wing cutting edge, lights, extender linkage (360mm, reduces the angle of the PTO shaft).


2106 / SNOW BLOWER , V-TYPE / 740 KG

Working width: 250 cm / three-point coupling / hydraulic turn / tow shoe / PTO shaft

Specs for all 2106 data

Type V-type
Working width 250 cm
- w/ right wing cutting edge 265 cm
- w/ two wing cutting edges 275 cm
Arb.br. w/hydra. edge shear 260-288 cm
Arb.br. w/hy. k. and left k. 270-298 cm
Power requirement (kW/HP) 45/60
Impeller diameter 80 cm
Weight, approx from 740 kg
Towing/Reversing/Front T
Replaceable scraping edge Yes
Toothed scraping edge *
Hydraulic swivel chute Yes
Skids / wheels Yes / *
PTO stub 1 3/4
PTO shaft Incl.
Connection frame 3-point**

* Optional
** Triangle linkage with float position as optional equipment

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