1298 Crop canyon

Big bag lift 1298 is a useful tool for transporting, loading, unloading and emptying large bags. The promise increases security and makes you more efficient.

  • Bent lifting hook provides a good overview when handling sacks
  • Safer bag handling than with pallet fork
  • Better lifting height than a pallet fork
  • Fast installation on Dalen standard frame

Big bags come in many different types and the content you get delivered in them varies even more. They are in use in most industries, not just on the farm, and are very often transported with pallet forks. The big bag lift from Dalen gives you a steadier and safer handling, and far better lifting height. 

Bag lifts are most applicable, providing extra lifting height in a front loader, but can also be rear-mounted. The supports in the lower part secure the pack and prevent commuting during transport.

Dalen Connection frame

Handling large bags is a short-lived task one performs frequently. This allows the tool to be mounted on and removed regularly. The valley's large-bag lift is connected to the tractor with coupling frame 1294 and has a very fast installation. This makes you more efficient!

Thousands of satisfied customers already use the coupling frame on one or more tools from Dalen . The coupling frame is supplied for use on the tractor's front loader or rear mounted, and is a flexible connection. Big bag lifts make it possible to share tools with users of other tractor couplings – all you need is a frame each!

Optional extras

Standard coupling frame, see [ Coupling frame 1294 ]


1298-F / BIG SACK LIFT / 40 kg

For front loader / without standard coupling frame


Maximum load 1000 kg
Height to hook approx 140 cm
Weight, without frame 40 kg

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