2098 Lifting hook

Do you often take chances when lifting various items? Lifting hook 2098 makes your strap lifts safe.

  • The fuse shake prevents you from losing the load
  • Hinged hook turns depending on the load
  • Affordable accessories for Dalen - Your fork
  • Flexible connection with Dalen frame – all widths
  • Front mounting provides extra height and visibility

A pallet fork is used for most things, including moving objects attached with strap. The problem is that the strap is not secured – and you run the risk of the load falling off. The towing hook from Dalen has fuse that makes the operation safer, you become more efficient and do not lose valuable load.

Dalen Connection frame

Thousands of satisfied customers already use our frames on one or more tools and maybe you have a frame on your pallet fork or spear already? In case, this frame can also be used for the lifting hook and give you a new application – affordable! By choosing Dalen's lifting edition, you keep the possibilities open if the need change, and in addition new products are constantly being developed that are adapted to the frames.

The frames come in different widths and can be both front and back mounted. Mounting in the front loader provides extra good lifting height and overview of the work. The hook can be mounted at the top or bottom of the frames. (NB! It cannot be centered on the three-point frame)

Optional extras

Standard coupling frame, brei coupling frame, lifting frame, see [ Coupling frame 1294 ]


2098 / LIFTING HOOK / 8 kg

For coupling frame / without coupling frame


Max load 3000 kg
Weight, without frame 8 kg

Nb! The hook cannot be centered on the 3-point frame

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