2197 Timber claw

The Dalen 2197 Timber claw is a powerful and functional tool for efficient wood production

  • Ideal for all types of timber handling
  • Ideal for laying timber on to the log deck
  • Hose parking
  • Tooth set for increased capacity (optional extra)
  • Front plate (optional extra)

An effective wood production depends on how you organize your operations. DALEN 2197 Timber claw is ideal for laying logs on to your log deck.

Quality from DALEN

The Dalen 2197 is designed and built to last. Overdimensioned and lubricated hinging points ensures a long product life.

Small details

When storing the timber claw, the hydraulic hoses are easily and securely connected to the hose parking.

Optional extras

Front plate, tooth set


2197-SMS / TIMBERCLAW / 175 kg
For front loader / with SMS connection


  • Max opening: approx. 110 cm
  • Min. opening: approx 6 cm
  • Req. double acting output: 1 pcs.
  • Weight: 175 kg

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