Lid Yarn Industry

Enthusiasm in every detail


Norwegian flag against a sunset. Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash.

vision; a company's dream of the future, a light in the dark, and a guideline for correct actions, small and large. The vision expresses the company's level of ambition.

Vision – enthusiasm in quark detail!

begei'string -a el. -a bee hive; pleasure; Engagement
begei'stre v1 (from ty., eg 'ynde') move, inspire, tear with

Lid Jarnindustri has the vision "Enthusiasm in quar detail!". The vision has a clear customer focus. Enthusiasm is an exclusively positive word, which we define as what happens when the customer, in his contact with us and our products, experiences getting more than expected. The vision is positive, vibrant, warm and energetic, the feelings we want to characterize both our and our customers' everyday lives.

But the vision also has an internal focus and is used to excite between departments. Here you will also run an enthusiasing project. Our beloved folk king Olav V once said, "Incredible things can happen if enthusiasm is used as a driving force". With us we say that enthusiasm is infecting! We are role models for each other and good actions generate more acts of kindness. The correct focus and setting are essential.

Our challenges are to turn our vision into enthusiasm, or good customer experiences. Some of what we do is very visible, other measures are harder to notice. Change work is nevertheless a test of patience, it often takes time for the changes to appear.

Regards us at Lid Jarnindustri AS