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From bicycle chains to modern industrial production

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First series: From 1948 – about 1970

Second series: From about 1971 – approx 2007

Third series: From 2008 – up to our time

Here you get glimpses from a troubled start-up with the production of bicycle chains, to today's production where the company is one of the leading players in the Norwegian market within its domain. 

The company was established in 1948. The intention was to produce furniture locks and fittings for an industry that screamed for parts. Seizure production was never started, instead it was the production of bicycle chains – but with major start-up problems.

Lid Jarn's industry could have quickly derailed even before it had all started. Read more detailed about the hard start-up under "From the Archives".


From two-wheeled to four-wheel tractor

The company survived the hard start, and eventually tractor-mounted equipment came into focus. In the 1950s and 1960s, the two-wheeled tractor was used on the steep lying uses here west, and the company found a large market for its products.

A number of tools were developed for both front and rear mounting. It can be mentioned front and card trolleys, potato recorders, plows, snow throwers, hay swans, pallet forks, etc. Later, offering pro players with four-wheel tractors in the agricultural, forestry and construction market was effectively tractor-mounted equipment.

What was often most scathing for the company was the contact that Samson Lid got with the tractor importer Eikmaskin in Stavanger. Here, a collaboration was established that has been going on for over 50 years. Today, most of the company's products are distributed through eiksenteret in Norway.

Family-owned business

Legendary industrialist Henry Ford is said to have said: "Businesses have to make money, or they'll die. But if you try to run a business just to make money, it will also die." This is also a bit of the philosopher behind Lid Jarn's industry.

The company is family-owned in the third generation, and it is Samson Lid's descendants who own the business. This is an important reason why the company is still based in Norheimsund in Hardanger. This has meant that the company has built stone on stone, and has not been managed by capitalists who are concerned with rapid investments and the most capital return.

Retains full production in Norway

Today, Lid Jarnindustri is a company that has invested in full production line in Norway. There is its own construction, pre-search, machine, weld and assembly department. By keeping the entire production in Norway, it provides a unique opportunity to have an efficient and automated production and unique control with all aspects of production.
The company has aimed to secure local jobs, and wants to be part of a vibrant and vibrant rural community. At the same time, localization in Norway provides close proximity to our hovud market that is in Norway – although the company also exports both to Europe and the US.