2094 Fork extender

You've probably experienced it many times, how annoying it is not to get the second podium too. Fork extender 2094 helps you to more efficient pallet handling.

  • Provides greater range when loading and unloading
  • Adapted pallet forks from Dalen – all lengths
  • Plenty of space for transporting two pallets at the same time
  • Low fork height - well suited for material handling
  • Lightweight for easy handling

The tractor's application is constantly changing and expanding, and it has become a common sight on construction sites with a lot of transport of goods. In such situations, the increased transport capacity of the 2094 Fork extender is appreciated.

Extenders are adapted Dalen -forks and fits both 112, 98 and 78 cm fork length. It has the same shape and is easily pushed onto the fork if needed. The low weight makes handling easy, and with a height of 3-6 cm you are still ready for material handling.

The two-metre long extensions have plenty of space to transport two pallets at the same time and the pointing makes entering the pallet opening easier.

The fork extenders give you greater range and capacity when loading and unloading pallets. Location or pickup in hard-to-reach places with a standard fork will be easy, and in many cases you will increase the utilization of your storage space. With the 2094 Fork extension, you can even load breie trailers from one side.

Load ability

The fork extender has the following load capacity, per fork:

  • 50 cm from the fork back: 1000 kg
  • 100 cm from the fork back: 500 kg
  • 150 cm from fork back: 333 kg
  • 200 cm from the fork back: 250 kg.


2094 / FORK EXTENDER / 25 kg

200 cm / fits all Dalen -forks / one pc


Length 200 cm
Height, at tip 3 cm
Height at fork back 6 cm
Weight, per piece. 25 kg

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