The sprinkler has been a revolution!

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Winner of the competition

Bent Salmelid says this when we turn on the thread. He is the operations manager at Lørenskog Cemetery and Cemetery in Lørenskog municipality. Here there is a cemetery of almost 100 acres, and in total there are 9000 graves in the area. Lørenskog is located between Oslo and Lillestrøm and there are 35,000 inhabitants in the municipality.

Accident fire

On 5 December last year, the church's operating building burned to the ground along with all equipment. Police could not conclude but did not rule out that the cause of the fire was an engine heater on an old tractor. The fire contributed to the municipality's granting a total of NOK 9 million for a new farm building as well as a new administration building.

"In retrospect, I can say that in essence it was okay what happened, we had the opportunity to buy equipment adapted to our needs. It was a bit new and widely used equipment. The excavation of the site of the new farm building begins in a month's time. Here we also get a separate sand shed where we can store the sand dry and avoid getting lumps in it," says Salmelid.

A fresh start

In February, they went to the purchase of a new Sand spreader of type 2034-S, to replace the old sand sprinkler that was taken by the flames. "We are very pleased with this, and it has been a revolution! Now we can back right into the power supply and get an efficient and good filling, and it is very easy to use," says Salmelid.

He does not hide that they had negative experiences with the use of the sand sprinkler that burned up, but there was no Dalen - Sprinkles. "It is important to get the work done quickly and efficiently, and it happens with 2034-S. It is also easy to maintain.

"The sand sprinkler is used for winter strewn, and in total there are about four km of established driving routes between the graves and the two parking spaces to be held. "We are four people who work at the department, and there is stretcher delivery all the time, so it is important that the equipment works," says Salmelid.

– The sand sprinkler was purchased in a package solution of Felleskjøpet at Kløfta. A used 70 hp tractor was purchased along with a rear-mounted snow thrower and a 45 HP John Deere, with different equipment. The sand truffle is rear-mounted on the largest tractor," says Salmelid.


The reason we contacted Bent Salmelid is that they had registered their new Sand spreader on our website, when it was purchased in February. Every six months we draw a winner among those who have registered their Dalen product, and this time we found the lucky winner at Lørenskog. The prize is a Dalen pallet fork, and we wish good luck to Salmelid and his colleagues!

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