Harald Rogstad tests Dalen 2011

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Test pilot: Harald Rogstad from Oppdal has tested Dalen 2011 with automatic connections in recent seasons

Works just fine!

It is Harald Rogstad (29) from Oppdal who expresses himself this way when describing his experiences with the new automatic connection from DALEN. In recent years, DALEN has tested this coupling on its 3 largest models in the market, and last season Rogstad was one of those who tested the new 2011 snow thrower from DALEN with this coupling.

–There is usually 2-3 meters of snow during the winter, and there usually comes 20-30 cm in the slap. There is also some snow, and three or four times during the season there may be mild weather periods with difficult snow. I have many walking and cycling trails, as well as four hundred cabin yards. In total, the split round will be about 50 km," says Rogstad.

Ejected twice last winter

During the winter, the automatic connection has been released only twice, and it is an absolutely ingenious invention! It's also time-saving. Going out and replacing the breaking pin may take 5-6 minutes, and usually one is always in arrears on time when it snows. The automatic connection is a superb solution," says the enthusiastic up-and-attendance.

"The one time the automatic connection broke out this winter, there was a large rock that came into the miller. The second time there was a long fart, and then the automatic connections on both feed rollers ejected.

Brøyter a lot

Rogstad ploughs a lot of walking and cycling trails, and then the snow is usually thrown in from the roadway. "The snow will be lightly hard and compact. In this way, the break pins could easily be broken, but the automatic coupling did not e e out. I was happy about that," says Harald Rogstad. I spent 600-700 hours with the VALLEY milliner last winter, and then it's good when you don't have to walk out of the warm cabin so often," he says with a smile.

Today he has a 130 hp tractor, and he manages an average speed of 15-16 km per hour – but finds that the tractor tends to be the limit. Now he has ordered himself a new Fendt 516, and in addition a new 2013, the big brother of 2011. This milliner is going to replace another milliner he has. Typically, Rogstad replaces snow throwers every 4 years.

As for the new models from DALEN that arrived last season, and the upgrade of 2014 that came in the autumn, there are several things that have excited him. –There are now two feeding points on each roller. This makes the milling cleaner go completely calm and stable. It also provides a better feed of the snow. It's a smart solution! In addition, it is very positive that there is no snow on the snow thrower due to the new round shape," says the experienced snowplower.

Eik Servicesenter on Oppdal

By profession he is an entrepreneur and sheep farmer, and throughout the winter there will be a lot of snowploughing. He is very pleased with Eik Servicesenter at Oppdal. "They have spare parts in stock, and in addition they have snow throwers that we can borrow if we get a breakdown of some variant. It is very good," concludes the satisfied customer from Oppdal.

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